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Here are some common questions raised by my students and their answers:

Are you experienced in teaching English?

I have been taking English classes for the past eight years. Currently, I take classes for IELTS, TOEFL, fluency and General English classes.

I started my career as a Communicative English Tutor at various schools and then moved on to teaching young adults. I was the master-tutor of a company that conducted Spelling Bee Competitions in schools. I am a post graduate in English with a bachelor’s degree in Education. I have also taken a TESOL course (standard level) which is the basic qualification for an IELTS examiner.

Who can participate in these online classes?
Anyone who has/can:
·         Understand basic English. If you are able to understand this text, then you can surely join any of my English courses.
·         A computer/laptop/tablet with a reliable internet connection. The internet should be fast enough to support video chatting. It should support MS Word, Google Hangout, Google Drive, and Skype. The user should have a working knowledge of all these software.
·         Should be able to deposit the fee in an Indian Bank account.

I am not an Indian. Can I Join?
 Yes, you can, provided, you meet all the requirements given above.

Can you provide references about your performance? 

Yes, I can email the references of my past students. I do not keep references of people who do not want to divulge their personal details online. You can view their testimony at my office.

How are your classes conducted? My classes are conducted in two parts:

1. Offline study, using the study materials, video, audio and slides that I provide. For others who are stationed abroad, I send a soft-copy as a word document. The materials that I send are created by me, they are not a cut and paste job from the internet. PLEASE DO NOT POST THE MATERIALS ONLINE. They are created in such a way that they can be used without taking a printout. But, it would be better if you take a printout of it. 

2. The listening and speaking parts are conducted through Skype/Google hangout. We conduct the online class only after mutual consultation. Usually, such classes are conducted 3-5 days a week.Most of the classes have a fifteen minute discussion on various topics to improve your fluency.

All my classes are personalised for the student. If you choose to attend the course as an individual, then the fee would change according to your requirements.

There is a test at the beginning of the class, so that I can understand your level. Similar assessments are conducted once in a while to test your understanding. I set the fee after an entry test. The time and duration of a course depends upon how quickly the student can learn.

Not every student learns in the same pace, hence, you can learn at your own pace. Usually, a student will take around 70 hrs. You have to pay the amount in two instalments. Payment can be sent as direct money transfer to bank. You need to deposit the money only after the first two classes. If you are not satisfied with my two introductory classes, you can withdraw from the classes, without registering for the course. The fee once paid, is non-refundable.  

Can I see demo classes before joining it?
Yes, the first two classes are completely free for you to attend.

Do you conduct offline classes?
Yes, my offline classes are conducted at my office which is situated at Thammanam, Kochi, Kerala (South India).

Are you fluent in any other languages?
I have a working knowledge of Hindi and I am fluent in Malayalam. Besides these, I have a basic knowledge of French and Spanish.

What are the other courses that you conduct online?
I conduct General English classes, courses for various exams, Business English (for business executives and managers), English for Marketing, IELTS, and TOEFL.


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